Scottsdale Live Steamers is a fun and exciting club and the club members really enjoy it. We give rides on Sundays from noon to 5pm.

You can run your own engine or if
you don't have an engine of your own there are club engines that are available to use.

The club has occasional
meets. On these meets other members from other clubs from throughout Arizona can come down and run their trains.

In this gauge which is 7.5", the most common scale is 1.5". There are many different types of locomotives and ways that you can power them. T
here are battery operated or electric locomotives, there are locomotives powered by gasoline, and of course, steam powered locomotives.

Well, we hope to see you out at the park, and make sure you come and take a ride at SLS.

To see where Scottsdale Live Steamers is located, click HERE to go to the
"How to find us" tab on our website.

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